I already knew back in 1976 how much fun and excitement I could have being a screen printer (serigrapher), so I got my M.A.

I still know in order to pull it off, I need to be a mechanic, an electrician, and most of all an alchemist. I love the interaction of shapes and colors. When things are going right, the image achieves a hypnotic vibrancy. It's fun to see it seem to take its first breath and begin to live.

The thing I find most exciting about serigraphy is the self publishing dynamic. I produce multiples, yet they are all originals and individual. When a good one takes off, it can acquire a social life of its own. It can pop up anywhere in the world. They can acquire a kind of currency that represents a shared value and experience. If I can produce something that makes everyone richer, that's exciting.


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